The Yin and Yang of Life

"The yin and yang of life".   I have told the story often of the jellybeans of life.  As the story goes we are all given a huge jar of red jellybeans the day we are born.  Each day we get to take one out but don't have any idea what's inside because they are all red and all look exactly the same.  The sad reality is that far too many people toss them away as there's no way of knowing what's inside. “I'll find out tomorrow” they say, not realizing what was inside of that jellybean is now lost forever.  Waking up this morning like all others I had no way of knowing.  By noon I learned that the ACL reconstruction surgery I had almost a year ago may have gone wrong and it may require further surgery.  Looks like getting back to playing squash next month is not in the cards now. By dinnertime I also learned that I was confirmed to speak at the most prestigious event of my career to date.  This was a jellybean I could never have called.  Here's the lesson I guess.  Just as life has its ups and downs so do our days.  Important then I guess to not write off the day just because it gets off to a bad start.  At noon, we still have half of a jellybean left.  Days can be like that.  It's just the yin and yang of life.  Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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