Of course, donkeys!

"Of course, donkeys".  Ask yourself this question.  "How many times have I worried and stressed and feared over something in life and it never came to pass?"  Now that I have asked a question that applies to absolutely everyone, here is the truth.  Fear of the unknown is one of the great thieves of life.  Fear and stress steal away moments and opportunity.  Health and vitality.  Productivity and enjoyment.  The fears we have, if viewed from a short distance can melt away under examination when compared to reality.  I have an app on my I-phone called "Cool facts".  While waiting for an appointment I was flipping through it.  Great facts like "Butterflies taste with their feet".  See, and you thought reading this perspective would be a waste of time.  Anyway, flipping through it one fact did catch my eye because it relates to a fear my wife has.  It is a fear shared by tens of thousands of others.  Fear of flying.  Here was the other fact that I found.  "More people are killed by donkey's every year than die in plane crashes".  This may be one of the most important facts I have ever come across that puts the fear of flying into perspective.  The truth is that after so many personal examples in our own lives that we go through where our fears are never realized, we should at some point realize how unlikely the feared outcome is and just sit back and enjoy the drive.  With that said, I should tell you that my secret fear now is that the next time we fly we are not seated next to a donkey with a window seat. Have an excellent day.
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