Life Is Better Than You Think

So much better than you think.  The mind is a funny thing.  Most times the feedback we get from that little guy or girl in our head about the direction we want to take is negative.  “This might not happen and here are all the reasons why” it says. Rarely will we hear the voice push us to believe in our dreams far beyond what may appear possible in the moment.  I arrived at a presentation early one morning and had time to stop into the local Tim Horton's.  Standing in line with some 20 or 30 others for my turn I thought of how successful and huge this coffee chain had become.  I know the story well.  Years ago on a television show I hosted I had the chance to interview Ron Joyce.  He was the partner of Tim Horton brought in when this fledgling company had only 4 stores and was struggling.  Tim was a hockey player and Ron a police officer making $5,000. a year.  The deal they struck in the beginning was that they would split evenly the proceeds from the donut shops and the hockey salary. I'm sure they both had no idea where this venture would take them.  Tragedy took Tim Horton too early and Ron continued on with the plan and the dream.  Now thousands of outlets just like the one I was in this morning paint this land.   A number of years ago the company was sold for over a billion dollars.  Consider this then.  Train your mind to believe that more is possible for you.  Push forward and set the goal to grow every day.  If you do, I'm certain that one day you will stand in a place where you yourself will be able to say, “This is so much better than I thought”.   Have an excellent day. Be well, Randy Taylor CalltoAction_TwoBooks
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