What's right or what's popular?

What's right or what's popular?  The journey of personal development and achieving all we are deserving of in life is never a straight path and often involves sacrifice, commitment and character.  We see it time and time again that in pursuit of wealth and celebrity,  character is often sacrificed at the alter of greed.  Character should never be for sale.  Character is who we are. Who we become.  What we are remembered by.  If you want to truly understand character and how important it is, listen closely to the words of a eulogy at a funeral.  “Kind, generous, positive, thoughtful and giving” are the adjectives that pay testament to a life well lived.  I watched this past week with disdain as the US debates whether they will squash the health care bill brought in by the president.   Lets not lose sight that this fight came about because the wealthiest nation on earth had denied the most basic service of health care for more than 40 million of their own citizens.  As the battle rages on between the pundits as to what was right and wrong more and more good people were forced from their homes simply because they became ill.  62% in a recent study cited was the percentage of the 1.5 million Americans who file for bankruptcy every year who lost it all simply because of failing health.  The stark difference between our two nations and the contrast of character led to many discussions between my wife and I.  “How horrible would it be” we said “If we lost it all simply because one of us got sick and we had to choose between a mortgage payment and treatment”.  In pursuit of our own life well lived there is a great lesson in this.  How we arrive at our destination will be measured by how we got there.  Either with character or with greed.  Know this then.  We all have a choice to do what ‘s right or what's popular.  Have an excellent day.
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