The Gift of Belief

The Gift of belief.  Wondering what to get that special someone in your life or the hard to buy for co-worker or neighbor?  Here is one of the most generous, useful and unique gifts you could ever give another person.  Belief.  Total, unequivocal, wonderful, loving, supportive belief.  The reason why lies within the scenario of what happens to almost all of us.  We have an idea. The idea excites us and we have an emotional connection.  Then we roll it around inside our head to view it from different sides.  Then, as with most ideas, that great Rolodex of reasons inside our gray matter spits out every objection we have ever received from our kindergarten teacher on up.  If that's not enough to derail our great new idea, the next fatal mistake most of us make is to share our fledgling new concept with the world.  A friend, family member, co-worker or cab driver.  That then opens the door to all the objections they have ever received in life and allows them to add to your mental soup of "not likely".  By this stage when someone asks "would you like fries with that", our great new idea evaporates into the ethos. Our belief system at best is fragile.  The possibility of breathing life into our ideas requires that essential element of belief to move it forward.  When offering belief to another here is what is not required.  Understanding or logic.  When looking into the ideas of another, know first and foremost that we may not be able to understand because it was not our idea.  It was not our emotion that connects to it.  It is that emotional connection that makes everything possible in life. Here is what the owner of the idea needs more than anything.  Your belief.  Not belief in the idea but belief in them.  Accept and know that just the simple act of saying, "I believe in you" can do more to fill the fuel tanks of possibility than almost anything else.  You won't need a gift receipt for this one.  One size fits all.  Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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