There are footprints on the road less traveled

There are footprints on the road less traveled.  Figuring out what we want from life and making it our reality should not really be so fraught with obstacles and pitfalls.  After all, we live in a free country, have access to education and opportunity and a built in potential market for most anything we could imagine.  So why is it so difficult for so many to live an authentic life?  A happy life.  A life devoted to what we love to do rather than what we have to do?  For most the greatest challenge to overcome is the opinions of others.  Of neighbors and friends.  Of co-workers and teachers.  Of the newspaper and television.  Every day we are surrounded by the so-called voice of reason pushing and prodding us to do "the right thing" rather than that thing we love.  I work in the world of human potential every day.  I have the great fortune over and over to see that spark go off inside someone.  I get to watch them begin to believe in themselves.  Believe in a way perhaps they have not for decades and then start to move towards their true passion in life.  I met two amazing people at the resort up north we were staying at  who exemplify what's possible.  One man, likely in his late 40's is an animal trainer and was there displaying exotic animals for the kids.  I spoke to him after and he absolutely loves what he does. His former life was in retail. Putting on shows takes up 1/2 of his time.  The other 1/2 is training his animals for commercials.  If you know the Telus commercials, you have met some of his charges.  The other man I met, (and his family) put on the most amazing show of acrobatics.  From what I gather he and his brood are in the hunt for the top spot on Canada's Got Talent.  Each and every day, one man wakes up and tends to his animals.  The other, tends to his ever impressive group of acrobats he calls his family.  Here's what all this means I guess.  It's possible.  It happens more often than most would think.  There are great passions and great lives generating great smiles among us every day.  A path I know that is possible for us all.  Know this.  There are footprints on the road less traveled.  Have an excellent day.
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