Your invisible tattoos

Your invisible tattoos.  We are born perfect.  I was, you were, we all were.  It is the experiences of life that begin to populate the files in the subconscious mind that begin to overtake choice and slowly turns belief into doubt.  These experiences leave marks and scars and at times can feel impossible to move past.  The challenges we have had. The obstacles we have encountered.  The failures we have endured have all left a mark on our belief system.  The truth is that while the memory of an experience may remain, in substance its not real.  Often times the experience is long gone, and it simply the hologram of that memory that impacts us and pushes us away from what we are capable of.  I thought about this earlier today while driving back from a session.  While sitting at a light I saw a woman, likely in her mid-fifties walking along the street.  She had a short sleeve top on and a rather large tattoo could be seen on her upper arm.  As I drove away I thought about what her opinion of the tattoo is today, given it was likely something she decided to get in her youth.  I could be wrong, but this was the scenario I imagined. I have many friends who have tattoos and a good number of them are beginning to lament the decision.  They can be removed but the process is painful and expensive.  I thought right away of the psychological tattoos I work with others every day to erase.  In my case, the process is far less painful and the results can be permanent.  Not working to remove them and continuing on to be affected by the limitations they place upon is is not the answer.  The impressions left are not dragons or hearts or daggers.  The impressions left are simply the storage of a memory of an experience that is long gone. An experience that can no longer touch you if you realize your tattoos are invisible.  Have an excellent day.
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