"It's what we do with what happens that determines the people we become".

There is no lack of ability or potential or raw materials inside of you right now or at any time during your life. We all have experiences that go well and those that don't. If we allow the ones that don't to color our belief system we can end up looking down the barrel of despair. I arrived at an appointment in Hamilton early today and went for a walk to a small market in the downtown area. Within moments I was confronted with the memories of my past. Looking around I saw faces like the ones I did when I lived on the streets as a kid. Two guys likely in their late 30's sat on a bench next to me passing a bottle of whiskey back and forth. Others who passed by boasted faded tattoos, tired eyes and a broken spirit of what life had become and a disconnect from what could have been. It was chilling to realize that this could have been me. These people were the fabric of my social circle growing up on the streets. I felt incredible personal gratitude on one hand and empathy for those who had fallen down the rabbit hole on the other. I also knew that it was choice that sent me in a different direction. I don't really know why but I do know that all those years ago I made the decision to walk in a different direction. That “choice” is what made my life possible. Here's what all this means I guess. Don't allow a bad day or event or circumstance to take you somewhere you don't want to be. Push back. The truth is that its what we do with what happens that determines the people we become. Have an excellent day.
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