"It all comes down to just one word".

During a seminar a woman tried to sum up, more as a question than a statement of acceptance what I was asking the group to do. "So you want me to just have faith?" she said. "Yes, I guess in a word that's what all of this comes down to". I replied. "Faith" is that non-tangible secret ingredient of life that is the catalyst that binds all that we are together and allows promise to gel into substance. Having faith is trusting in the incredible gift of creation that we are all a part of. Faith is knowing that we have the capacity to become so much more than our minds currently is willing to allow us to believe. Faith is the farmer, year after year who tills the soil in the spring. Plants seed deep below the surface not knowing if the rains will come. Not knowing if the winds will blow. Not knowing if the birds will swoop down and steal it all away. Faith is simply planting the seed and holding fast to the belief that life itself will spring forth from it. Here is what faith is not. Giving at every turn. Faith challenges our resolve with twists and turns along the path towards our destination. Faith weeds out the non believers and leaves them at the side of the road to make way for those whose resolve does not weaken from the strain of challenge. Faith is what the winner wakes up with every morning. Faith is what they take to bed at days end whether more has been placed in their basket or not. Faith is seeing past the obstacles, even when on occasion they may block out the sun itself. In the end those who hold fast to faith get to discover that it is the most exotic spice in the world and it is what makes victory taste as sweet as it does. At the end of the day it all comes down to one word. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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