Attitude is everything

The wisdom of a chalkboard.  This journey of life can be extremely complicated and then at times it can be incredibly simple.  All the actions and interactions, the thoughts and challenges, the triumphs and tears that go into any persons life creates a complex canvas where the brushstrokes are difficult to actually see.  Direction is key and it can often become blurred.  Purpose sadly eludes the masses.  Desire becomes mired in doubt and indecision.  Often times what we need is just a starting point.  If you are lost in a desert being pointed in the direction of water can save your life.  I happened across one of these starting points the other day and the simplicity of it made me smile.  I arrived at a session to present to a group and was about to set up my presentation.  This was in a boardroom with a pull down screen.  The screen was up and as I was about to reach up and pull it down I noticed a line written at the top of the chalkboard.  The words were, "Attitude is everything". I stood staring at the words for a moment and the power of that lesson came to me.  "That's it" I thought.  That's so much of what this is about.  There is the starting point for anyone lost in the desert.  That is a focal point we can begin to work on.  It's true right? Attitude really is everything.  Our attitude is the filter through which all information enters our sub-conscious mind.  It tells us that this challenge was a lesson not a roadblock.  Attitude breathes kindness and gratitude and most importantly the framing of our attitude is absolutely linked to belief. Belief is the conduit to all that comes into our lives.  So it is simple sometimes.  We don't have to complicate life any more than necessary.  Know this then. Next time you feel overwhelmed by life perhaps consider the wisdom of a chalkboard.  Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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