Expand your horizons

Expand your horizons.  Jim Rohn once said "You may not be able to do all there is to do but you should find out all there is to do".  There would appear to be a great limitation that fences us all in to what we believe is possible.  The greatest nemesis being our own mind and the thoughts that permeate from it.  The reality is that there is so much more that we all could accomplish, become, experience and affect.  We live in one home, inhabit one community, work at one company, have a limited circle of friends and are impacted in most cases by one culture.  If you want to understand what's possible take a look over the next hill and see what's there.  Driving back from a session today I heard an announcer mention a country I had never heard of before.  It is called Vanuatu.  A tiny island country in the South Pacific.  Population 211,000.  I looked it up among the list of countries that inhabit this planet.  There are a total of 257!  Many I know nothing about but are home to millions of people on the far reaching corners of the world.  This simple new piece of information made me feel small and limited and wide eyed.  "If so much is out there that I was ignorant how much more am I capable of?" I thought.  Think about just how much you don't think about.  If we are unaware of opportunities or possibilities or even geography think about what will remain out of sight throughout our lives.  Do this then.  Find out not only what's "out there" in the world but also "in here".  All that you have inside of you.  Truth is, it will be much more than you could imagine.  To become more one of the great places to begin is to expand your horizons.  Have an excellent day.
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