Protect their dreams

"Protect their dreams".  As parents we are gifted with and challenged by great responsibility.  The opportunity to nurture and love and protect a human being from birth is fascinating and scary at the same time.  We don't always get it right.  The wrongs over the years of being a parent could fill the pages of an encyclopedia. There are things we can do right and opportunities we have to make a great impact.  I have heard it said by myself and most other parents around me, "My kids are going to have it better growing up than I did".  Fair statement and a worthy goal but for most the directive is focused on the financial and material.  No question it's important for a child to have a good home and clothes and food but there is I believe something much greater that we can give our children while they are in our charge.  Belief.  If we can help them along the way to believe in themselves they will be equipped with more than most to face the world.  On the way to I started to talk to him about doing what he loved.  "You know Jonah, the most important thing I want you to know is that when you get big you should do what you love.  Just find what you love to do and do that".  I told him.  "And if you work hard and do all your work in school one day when you are big you can have ANYTHING you want".  "Anything?" he asked.  "Yes, you can"  I told him. "What would you like to have when you get big?"  "Oh, when I get big I'm going to buy the CN tower" he said.  "And you and mommy and Faith can come and live with me".  I looked in the rear-view mirror and his smile lit up the backseat.  I saw that he could see it.  His mind was beginning to visualize his potential.  For all reading this today, remind me in twenty years or so and I'll try and get you a friends and family rate for the CN tower.  I expect his dreams will morph and change over the coming days and years but I now know this.  My job is the keeper of the flame from this day on.  As a parent few things are as important as being the one charged with protecting their dream.  Have an excellent day.
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