The thief of the calendar

"The thief of the calendar". There are so many different parts of life that we will pass through. From infancy through our toddler years into childhood, teenage angst and our adult years all bring their own unique qualities and challenges. I remember like it was yesterday that I was the kid. For the longest time I was referred to as just that. The kid. I was 16 when I began working full time. 18 when I owned my first business. 21 when I landed a job in sales with a fortune 500 company. And so it went. Somewhere between those days and today it ...

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But will I continue to grow?

"But I will continue to grow". Nothing on earth is static. Every thought. Every action. Every interaction creates something new. Its easy to feel stuck in a certain situation when circumstances and outcomes don't appear to change. We've often heard of the statement that "its like watching paint dry". Even the drying of paint is a process in motion. Just because we can't see it change or don't feel like it will doesn't mean it is not or it can't. I had a discussion with a client earlier today over this exact same topic. They had reached a point and ...

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Words to live by. Your own.

"Words to live by. Your own. Words carry such power. I make my living as a wordsmith. My challenge each and every day is to try and find the words that can help you see more that you believe is currently there. There is a fine line and a bit of a tricky business with whose words we choose to make our own. The great prize for us all is living an authentic life. True success, as Jim Rohn once said is to, "Design our own lives and pull it off". Quotes are a favorite of a great many and ...

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Sometimes its messy

"Sometimes it's messy". It would be great if the route to what we wanted, where we wanted to go and who we wanted to become was a clean process unfettered by challenge and struggle. Until we get our own planet I expect this will not be the case. I don't want to make the point that all we do is fraught with difficulty. Often times the days are bright and the road is smooth. There are days however when we must be prepared to get our hands dirty. If we know this and accept that this will come from the ...

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Do as the cowboys do

"Do as the cowboys do". There are great and simple philosophies that stand the test of time and can serve us today perhaps better than they did from the point of origin. What I look for every day are the words and philosophies that can help others stay the course and not give in to the liar in their head that says its not working. It is so sad to know just how many of us stop so close to the prize. Often standing just outside the door that could open to reveal what we so badly wanted. One of ...

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A Message From the Heart

The impact of Steve Jobs. A message from the heart. There are two forms of internal communication that impacts our decisions and ultimately our destination in life. They are thought and intuition. Thought is rooted in the mind. Intuition lives in the heart. Thought comes about primarily through the musings of our interaction with the world beyond ourselves. Thought is created by the intake of information and experience, filtered through our own prism of belief and becomes distilled down ultimately to how we act based on what we know. Intuition is something much more real and much more tangible. Intuition ...

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