From poverty, parent alcoholism and life on the streets as a child, Randy Taylor has risen to become a leading expert in human potential. He is driven to create extraordinary success.
Bringing our Latin America team together with Randy Taylor was a stroke of genius. More people need to hear about the phenomenal benefits and the correlation of his philosophy to productivity.
Michael Hortie - President Motorola Canada/Latin America

Business Leadership Seminars, Keynotes & Coaching

Our coaching programs and seminars have received national accreditation from some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in this country.  What Randy Taylor brings to his leadership seminars, coaching programs and keynote presentations is his passion to help others.  The reason why he is in this field becomes self-evident that he is not centered on the business and finance but on his own belief and purpose in life. To impact, change and make better the lives of those he is privileged to work with.  Of Randy Taylor, one client wrote, “Randy Taylor helps people get better at what they want to be better at”.

Randy's keynote seminars, keynote business speeches, coaching and writing are all centered on 4 key elements.  They are his own personal life experience, extensive study, science based behavioral change protocols and an established track record of creating outstanding client results.  Having worked and studied in the field of personal and professional development for over 30 years, Randy Taylor has the knowledge, experience and drive to create lasting change in the lives of those he works with.

Motivation, Inspiration, Passion

More than any other key element of his skills are his passion and belief in those he works with.  Having begun his life in poverty, parent alcoholism and life on the streets, Randy understands more than most the challenge of overcoming the opinions of the world and what he refers to as the voice of self-limiting behavior.  His greatest strength is his belief in others.  He tells his clients and audiences on a regular basis that whether he is presenting to a room of 10 or 1000 he sees identical potential in each and every person.  “There are no winners and no losers” he often says.  “We are all capable of walking the path to success and I see identical potential in each and every one of you”.  It is his profound belief in others that truly makes a connection with those he works with. 

He is a motivational speaker in the most profound way.  He motivates his clients and audiences by helping them to achieve the most important element of personal and professional development and that is to believe in themselves more.  It is the belief of the individual that is the root of all success.  Doubt is the root of all failure.   

Randy Taylor speaks on a number of topics ranging from his cornerstone philosophy called “The Winner Within” to leadership, productivity, relationship and team building, the power of why in life and in business, discovering personal passion and more.  He is the creator of 4 ground breaking coaching programs that include “The Winner Within” “Breakthrough Coach”, “Looking Forward to Mondays” and “The Self-Employment Success Solution”.  He has written two books including “Looking Forward to Mondays” and “Life Before Can’t”.  2 new books are in the works and will be released in 2012 called “The Winner Within” and “Perspectives”.

The question that Randy Taylor discovered when he was young remains to this day the driving force in his life and is a philosophy he shares with clients and audiences every day.  “Where you are now has nothing to do with where you can go”.  

Randy’s Daily Perspectives

Provoke your thinking and potential with the insights Randy shares in his daily “Perspectives” email newsletter and social network postings. He relates powerful life lessons that come from the observation of ordinary daily events. Get Randy’s daily perspectives via email by signing up to the right or by clicking your preferred social network below and following him.  In the fall of 2014 he will be releasing a collection of his perspectives under the title “Perspectives – 199 Life Lessons to Lead an Authentic Life”.

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