How to get what you REALLY want in place of what you don

 Some people call it the world of the WooWho.

If you’re like most, when you hear that thoughts can change your life you either run screaming or do what any rationale thinking person would do. You roll your eyes.

So why am I writing about this when my life’s work is grounded in science?

Because what I want to share with you is absolute. Science is finally beginning to quantify and prove it through research into quantum physics. The law of vibrational intention is absolute. Whatever you focus on and believe,

(ah, see there’s the key)……. when you absolutely believe…..then it shows up. Not just sometimes but every time. Here is the push.

“Wanting one thing while secretly, deeply dreading another is poison in the pond of 

So there’s the rub. When the amount of time you focus on something and the level of the emotional connection is strong enough that’s what we get.

If we focus on what we don’t want we end up with a pile of manure.

If we focus on what we do want the pony shows up.

Off the top know this- abundance is not merely the quantity of zeros in your bank account. Creating abundance quite simply is the ability to turn emotionally charged thoughts into a desired reality.

Thoughts create things. Period!

If you have great thoughts, you will attract great things.

If you have negative thoughts or self-limiting thoughts you will create negative and self-limiting results.

The vast majority of negative thoughts we access are from past experiences. Know this! You weren’t born with them.

These thoughts follow us like a bad smell.

They direct us to do the wrong thing and to believe what we shouldn’t be believing. Do some of these sound familiar to you?

  • There’s something wrong with me
  • I’m not good enough
  • I have no talent
  • I don’t deserve it
  • I can’t do it
  • It’s too hard

The sad truth is we operate like these statements are true. Why do we continue to say these things to ourselves?

What if a best friend regularly told us that’s what they thought of us? They’d be off the Christmas list pretty quick I expect.

Talking about the power of the mind and the impact thought has on every aspect of our reality is not new.

Napoleon Hill was the grandfather of the power of thought,

……….long before personal development had its own drop down on Amazon. Think and Grow Rich was powerful then and it still is today, remaining top 100 at bookstores and online.

In 2006 after the release of the video “The Secret” the world was indoctrinated with the term,

“The Law of Attraction”

The book and subsequent video became an international sensation and caused tens of millions to consider the possibility that their thoughts were creating their reality. We were on the precipice of a major shift in human consciousness. However...

...they failed to prove it en masse for two simple reasons.

.1 Those in the video oversimplified the process to the point of distraction. One of the guys in the video said, “I sat on the couch and checks just started showing up in the mail.” Really? Most replied “and monkeys are about to fly from my butt”.

.2 The lack of a firm understanding of the science and function of the brain, which caused most to throw up their hands in failure. They didn’t………

….commit to the process necessary to create the results they were hoping for. It wasn’t long before most people were saying,

“If it’s true why doesn’t it work for me”?

O.K. so here’s what we need to know. You may not be getting what you are wanting but make now mistake it IS working.

The painful truth is, it is working for you and for me and for everyone all the time. Not just sometimes but every minute of every day.

There is no shut off switch.
What happens most times is that negative thoughts are constantly at work. You may be wanting one thing but thinking of another.

O.K. so here is the magic. Write this down and commit it to memory.

When you commit to that process…….focusing on what you want in place of what you don’t, what you really want will begin to show up.

For most of us here’s what happens.

Lets say you want to move out of your apartment and buy a house with enough bedrooms with just one name on each door and your own grass the family dog can do its business on. You go online and start looking for your dream home. No sooner do you think of calling the agent to schedule a viewing than the guy at the other end of the canoe starts chipping in with,

We for sure don’t have the downpayment,
Interest rates are likely to skyrocket,
Things at work are a bit slow and you might get laid off
...Oh and don’t forget your uncle who said a house is just a money pit the bank will likely foreclose and take from you one day anyway”.

The average person has some 60,000 thoughts a day and they are almost all the same EVERYDAY. Science shows that the majority have less than 1,000 new thoughts each day. That means almost every day we are going over the same old movie of our lives that we so desperately want out of but keep watching over and over and over.

The volume of your desire for a new house was at 2 and Uncle Ralph was yelling his prophecy doomsday at 100.  Hmmmm, I wonder why you don’t end of with the house”?

Ask this question, “Which volume knob is turned up? The knob of what we want or the knob for what we don’t”? And your answer is?

This quote by Pradeep Venugopal who sums up perfectly what is going on in our mind. He said,

“I am crowded in here”

Think about this for just a minute.

“How many people woke up this morning asking for what they really and truly wanted”?

Ah, and do you know why they didn’t?

Because they didn’t believe it would happen!

If you knew you could focus on what you wanted and would get it, you would start your day off differently right?

So do this.

There is no limit to what we can ask for as along as you are able to convince the sub-conscious mind that, You believe in it, You are emotionally connected to it And you believe its coming.

Asking is not ‘aw shucks if its not too much trouble, I wouldn’t mind having…….” Ask in Aramaic provides a clear understanding of what is necessary.

“Ask” is a combination of two words. “Claim” as in this thing is mine and “demand” which is actually your right.

Asking for what you want then is to demand your claim.

Firmly implant in your mind what you want each and every day and like in the movie Spinal Tap turn it up to 11 because its one louder than 10.

When belief moves past doubt you will get the stuff. Have an excellent day.

Be well,

Randy Taylor

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