Stop Stopping-The Key to All Success

Stop stopping. During a group session we were talking about what it was that leads to the majority of failure. There is no question that each of us has the ability to make real what we imagine. What happens to us all along the road to success is that we stop. We stop the activity. We stop the forward motion. We stop doing what is required. For all those times when a goal was not met we can no doubt look back and point to the exact moment when we stopped. Quit. Ended the activity that we knew was necessary to create what we set out to do. I was thinking about this on the drive home and of how many times I thought about "stopping" in the early days of my radio career. For a full fifteen months I worked part time for $4.25 an hour and did anything and everything to fill the gaps and pay the bills. During that time I continued to send out tapes and resumes. Dozens, perhaps hundreds that just went out and disappeared into the "we're not interested" chasm of the ethos. I continued to practice my craft in the off hours. I continued looking for help from anyone who would listen or give me the time of day. At the end of the fifteen months part time I was finally hired on full time for the grand sum of $900. a month. (I had a mortgage and wife and son to support at the time) For the next year and nine months I continued on and yes, thought a thousand times about stopping. About packing it in and going back to doing what I did before that earned a good living. I would love to be able to tell you that I had a premonition or vision that I was on the right path and that I knew that victory would be assured. I can't. For some strange reason every time I reached out to pull the plug something inside urged me on to stay for one more day. Stopping meant the end of the dream and to going back to something I knew I had no passion for. Here is what I was able to find out. Because for some reason I beat back all those voices that said stop, I was able to keep going. It was the not stopping that was the magic. It was the not stopping that allowed me to make it to the very top in Canadian Broadcasting. It was the not stopping that has allowed for this wonderful privilege of working with others every day to help them see the magic they have inside. In the simplest terms it may be one of the most important success philosophies put before us. If you want to succeed just do this. Stop stopping. Have an excellent day.

Taylormade Leadership

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