Your Only True Compass

Your Only True CompassI work in the field of discovery and adventure.  At least that's how I hope it goes with everyone I have the great fortune to work with.  The adventure part is striking out to do what is necessary to breathe life into the dreams that became apparent during the discovery phase.  That's the part I think most people truly struggle with.  "What do I really want to do with my life?" is the common refrain that far too often goes unanswered.  It struck me during a conversation with a client today that we may be using the wrong tool to find it.  It is not our head but our heart that has the capacity to guide us towards what we truly want.  We are a society of heads after all.  We are trained to use our minds to learn and compete and grow and succeed.  The problem with this is that logic is most often the ingredient of misdirection.  When we try and approach our passion or 'why' in life, logic is the 3 headed dragon that rears up, spewing rationale all over the process.  Here is the one and only way to know if what we want to become and where we want to go is right for us.  "Does visualizing your goal make you feel like "THIS"?  There is no way to rationalize emotion.  It just is.  I will never feel what you feel and you will never feel what I feel.  That's the truth and quite simply how it is.  Here's what all this means I guess.  Know that while in pursuit of your purpose and passion in life that the brain must be traded in for the heart.  That is where emotion emanates from and where your true answers lie.  Do this.  While in hot pursuit of your passion in life, put your right hand over your heart and know that this is your only true compass.  Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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