You Won't Always Clean Toilets

"I can't see it" says the man, mired in challenge and despair. "From where I am I just can't see how I'm ever going to get out of this".  While this statement may sound grounded in despair, it represents the challenge all of us face on a daily basis.  Even if we are able to articulate what we want or who we want to become, our current reality can be the great thief of promise and growth.  What we have and where we are is easy to see and believe.  We are living it.  Where we want to go and who we want to become is not real.  Not yet at least.  It is that very detachment that ceases the activity and allows doubt to replace promise.  We are big fans of American Idol at our house. I Perspectives - Where you are now has nothing to do with where you can go by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (Social)find it exhilarating to see someone with raw talent being given a platform.  What comes of it is often extraordinary.  Last year a girl who was been a dark horse shone.  She had struggled a bit early in the competition and it looked like she would go.  She was a bit rough around the edges.  and was not as refined as many of the others.  After her performance it all changed. I was pulling for her because of her story.  When she first auditioned they did a piece on her background.  She comes from a difficult childhood, a tough neighbourhood and worked at a job most of us wouldn't take.  She cleaned toilets for a living.  That's what makes this story so inspiring.  Those days for her are gone.  What a fantastic lesson for us all.  That question I started asking when I was young turned out to be right. "What if where I am now has nothing to do with where I can go".  Here's what all this means I guess.  It doesn't.  You won't always clean toilets.  Have an excellent day. Be well, Randy Taylor
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