You Don't Always Know The Difference You Make

The Difference You Make Late this afternoon I had the great pleasure of receiving an email from a subscriber to our "Perspectives" daily email program. The person had taken the time to write a note, telling me how much she enjoyed it and looked forward to it everyday, adding "it is always filled with thought provoking, motivational and positive information."     It was one of the great experiences of the day and made it into my daily journal.  How thoughtful for another person to take the time to do this. How rewarding to hear that what you did made a small difference in someone's life.  One of my favorite activities of the day is to do this. To sit down each evening and try to put some small piece of life into perspective that shows what is possible and is perhaps counter to what the media and the world would have you think.  In some small way I guess writing this everyday is a kind of atonement for all those years I spent in the media disguising a collection of train wrecks and tragedies as the news.   I think this was the lesson I learned today.  That we don't always know.  That often we do what we do and hope that as a result of our efforts someone's day may be just a bit brighter.  But here's the truth. Your child may smile during lunch thinking of the special hug you gave them that morning.  Your client will say a silent thank you when you dropped everything and helped them out.  The driver who mistakenly cut you off and didn't suffer your wrath because you just drove by and smiled.  The dollar you dropped into the collection plate that helped put a meal on the table of a struggling single mom.  We may not always get to find out how our actions may have improved someone's day, but know this.  They do you know.  Even if you never get to find out, they do.  Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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