You Can Fly Anytime You Want

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It's amazing to discover what our trigger points are that have the capacity to push us far beyond what the mind may currently believe.  What we rarely completely understand is our capacity.  We have incredible capacity.  The calculating power of the human brain is determined by the number of neurons times the number of synapses on the exterior wall of every brain cell.  Each cell has between 1000-10,000 synapses on the exterior wall.  Given the fact that the brain consists of some 100 billion brain cells or neurons, we can then deduce the calculating power of the brain to be 100 billion at the power of 1000-10,000. Enough said.  You have no idea just how powerful you can be.  I sat with my daughter last night and watched the animated movie Rio.  It was the story of a rare blue Macaw who was taken from the jungles as a baby and raised as a pet in the U.S. his whole life.  During all this time he never learned to fly.  Having been brought back to Brazil in hopes of mating with the last known female of his kind, they end up in a calamity of challenge and abduction.  Over time he is able to begin to win over the heart of the female just as she is thrown from an airplane and with a broken wing is plummeting to the earth.  The girl was his trigger.  Gathering up all the strength he could he jumped from the plane and tried one last time to do what he was never able to do.  And he did.  He flew brilliantly and saved the love of his life. I know it's a cartoon and just a kids movie but it was a great illustration of what we all have inside of us.  More than the mind is willing to allow you to believe.  Here's what this means I guess.  You don't have to wait until we are pushed to the limit to discover just how much we are capable off.  You can fly any time you want.  Have an excellent day.

Be well,

Randy Taylor


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