Yesterday Is Not Today

YINTIt's easy to become affected by the "stuff" that happens in life. One of the most difficult things to overcome is the old movie reels that continue to play over and over in our minds. We can watch the movie of the birth of our child or the movie of the tragedy. More often than not the sub-conscious mind offers up an extra helping of the tragedy. We are trained throughout life after all to focus on the tragedy. The information stored in our sub-conscious mind is constantly accessed and used as a cross reference to what we are currently thinking or doing. "I'm about to dive into a lake. What do I know about it?" The mind tells you, "Don't do it dummy. It's only May". This information was stored from the time years ago when you actually did dive in in May. By calling up old information we "judge". We "judge" whether the client will call back. We "judge" whether the weather will be good for the BBQ. We "judge" whether the girl will say yes when we ask her to dance. And so it goes. The reason I'm writing about this today because my wife and I were discussing a time when I fell into it. We were between nannies and had tried out a few and had less than comforting experiences. Then we interviewed a new lady and I have to say, based on past experience I initially "judged". My mind started telling me "I'm not sure about this and not comfortable about that, and I question this". My wife loved her. I had to be convinced. She was beyond wonderful. I can't tell you how wrong I was. With my kids I'm referred to as "Nemo's dad", ever watchful and protective, but I learned a great lesson from this. Wherever you are. Whatever you are doing. Whatever you are thinking can and should only be judged upon the moment and the experience at hand. Don't be colored by experiences that are in the past and really have nothing to do with now. Know this. Yesterday is not today. Have an excellent day.
Be well,
Randy Taylor
Taylormade Leadership

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