With Just A Shred Of Hope

With Just A Shred Of HopeThe stories of beating back the challenges handed down throughout history are the shoulders you and I and the next generation will stand on to reach higher.  Never downplay the power of a story and the inspiration it can impart on another who may be close to calling it quits.  Stopping, as I have shared with thousands over the years is what steals away all hopes and goals and dreams.  Pushing on in the face of adversity is the only option.  If we have hope.  Even the tiniest bit of hope we can persevere and keep going until the wall begins to crumble and the door to our dream creaks open.  Chris, a good friend in the neighborhood organized a family skate in support of Terry Fox.  It rekindled the memory of the organizing committee I was on that welcomed Terry on his run through Barrie back in 1980.  A while back Chris shared a story about his former boss and his involvement with Terry Fox.  Isadore Sharp, or Issy as people call him was the founder and CEO of The Four Seasons Hotel chain. He was drawn to Terry's story earlier than most.  He had lost his own boy to cancer at age 18.  In the early stages of the run, Terry was receiving very little attention and wanted to give up. Issy spoke to him from a pay phone.  He told Terry that he was going to challenge every business he could to match his donation and said he wanted to raise $10. million.  Terry told him that if only one person believed he would keep going.  And he did.  When the cancer came back and Terry lost his fight Issy was the one who stepped in to set up the Terry Fox foundation.  Of his passing he said,  "Terry did not lose his fight.  Perhaps he finished all he had to do. Terry is like a meteor passing in the sky, one whose light travels beyond our view, yet still shines in the darkest night."  This story touched me so much and made me want to share this with you.  Take this story.  Share it with others.  Share it with yourself when you feel down and beaten and wanting to quit.  Here is all you need know.  It's all possible with just a shred of hope.  Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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