Why Not?

Why Not?
I sat down one evening to work on creating an edition of "Perspectives". It is a fascinating process everyday to just allow the day to happen and trust that an event of the day will inspire me enough to want to write about it and share it with you. I read a quote that caused a movie to play back in my mind from a very long time ago. I was 13 at the time; In hospital recovering from having my appendix out. It was when Bobby Kennedy was shot. The second knife through the heart of Camelot it seemed. On the day of his funeral, because I was on the adult ward and had a tiny TV in my room, a number of nurses stood at my bedside and sat on the edge. All of us fixated on the coverage. I will never forget the words of Bobby's brother, then Senator Ted Kennedy giving the eulogy. I was oddly oblivious to the fact that tears were streaming down my face, as they were down the face of every nurse in the room. As the camera panned back from the casket in the church, then outside and pulled back further and further over the Washington monument his words echoed the raw emotion that so many people felt. There was a quote he used to describe his brother that I have since come to know as being from George Bernard Shaw. He said, "Some men see things as they are and ask why? My brother saw things that never were and asked why not".  
Those words speak so clearly of the choices we have today. We can look upon the current state of the economy and lament what was a short time ago, or we can become visionaries of our own lives and families, companies and communities and begin the process of change. Every step forward, every success, every foot higher up the mountain began with an inspired thought. Challenge yourself today to have that inspired thought and "see things that never were..... and ask why not". Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  
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