Why Do Dreams Die?

Why Do Dreams Die?
We all have dreams. We all have hopes and aspirations, passions and thoughts. Some blossom into brilliant reality while others wither and die before ever taking form. Many of us look upon the success of others and lives lived with passion and purpose, success and triumph and wonder why for them and not for me? There is a very real reason. It all stems from the philosophy we take into the process. All dreams and goals begin as a simple thought. Emotion is the next step in the process that takes over and pushes us to take the first step. That first step is what transcends thought into the beginning of physical reality. What truly creates success lies however is the continuation of activity, moving with purpose in the necessary direction to see it through. It is what stops this continuous action that steals away our dreams. The simple truth to the process is to understand that we don't get to know. We don't get to know how it is going to happen. We don't get to know how and when opportunities will present. We don't get to know the timeline. When I started my career in radio in 1983, part time at $4.25 per hour I had no way of knowing how it was going to happen. All I knew was what I wanted and just kept moving towards it one day at a time. That simple process took me to the number one radio station in the country. Think of it this way. Do you know who the next person is that is going to call you? Who the next e-mail will come from? When and where the next opportunity will arise from? Of course not. We don't get to know. If I told you I heard on the radio that the weather man said that there was going to be a major thunderstorm two months from now what would you think? How could he possibly know that, right? So therein lies the truth. If we can't predict where our next phone call or e-mail or opportunity will come from how could we possibly be able to predict when our goals and dreams will happen? Putting a false estimate of next year or next Thursday makes as much sense as predicting the weather months from now. It is the accepting of this simple truth that will allow for it to happen. Not only for some but for all. Adopt this philosophy "I don't know how and I don't get to know when but I absolutely know and believe it will happen". If you do, one day others will look upon your life and wonder how it was possible for you. I can't tell you when it will happen, but I do know this. It will. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  


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