Whose Your Daddy?

Who's your daddy?So here's the question.  Are we controlling our lives or is some other force of nature pulling the strings?  The truth is that we have the propensity to be controlled by all sorts of outside influences.  The voices of the naysayers around us offering up all sorts of potential reasons why what we dream of is not possible. The boss who holds us back and never encourages.  The media making us believe our job and future and extra bag garbage pick up is about to evaporate.  These have been around so long most don't even notice.  There is however one new controller that has been added to the mix and it may be the most insidious yet.  I see people by the thousands every day cowering in the wake of this all-powerful omnipresent menace.  Few would dare to challenge its sheer force.  Most simply accept the grip it has on them and march in lock step in whatever direction they are instructed to go.  You may know it by many names, yet the premise and destructive nature of this beast is much the same.  It chips away at you at all hours of the day, in all situations and demands immediate attention and that you stop what you are doing to obey.  Yes, I'm talking about your iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung or Android or any other of these overpowering little devices.  I see people everywhere, scrambling to get them out of a purse or briefcase the moment it screams out that beckoned call.  Nothing is sacred when the almighty phone rings.  Conversations over dinner abruptly end.  Focus on important tasks are tossed by the wayside and the operation of a motor vehicle is impaired the moment that ring snaps them to attention.  Even if you are able to push past the ring, that ping notification that an e-mail has arrived cause most to crumble into that hypnotic trance of subservience. Here is something quite remarkable I just discovered.  If you don't answer there is no explosion.  If the ringing stops the person who was calling or texting or e-mailing can perform this incredible task and leave what is referred to as a "message".  The e-mail sent will sit quietly awaiting a response when you check in later.  There is hope.  Hope for you and hope for me and hope for humanity.  The one secret weapon we all possess and few speak of is this.  The next time that piercing ring demands that you freeze in your tracks, immediately stop what you are doing, calmly look over, pick it up and say, "Whose your daddy"?   The intense sense of satisfaction just may last a lifetime.  Have an excellent day.
Be well,
Randy Taylor

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