Where You Are Today Does Not Equal Tomorrow

Where You Are Today Does Not Equal Tomorrow
Here is what we have the chance to do right now. At this very moment. This is not something to put on our to do list or file it in the "soon" category but now. Right this very moment.   
We have the capacity to make the decision; to steel ourselves to say "now" is when I choose to stop putting off.  Now is the time I will commit to bringing real change to my life; to doing the things I know will move me closer to the life I deserve.  
I could write on and on about the potential loss of tomorrow or the tragedy of a missed opportunity but I won't.  I don't believe I need to.  I know it well and can see this so clearly for myself and know you can too.  
Most of us are presented with a limited number of opportunities to really go for it. To really go after life and live it to the absolute best of our ability.  This is one of those times.  I want this to be one of those opportunities.  Don't allow today to be one of those days you look back on and say "I wish I would have tried".  Set the goal to live your life so that you will one day reflect on "I did all I could and it sure was worth it".  Where you are today does not equal tomorrow. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  
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