"When you believe anything is possible"

I get asked all the time what the most important element of personal and professional growth is. Hands down, every time its belief. Just consider this. "How do things turn out in life that you "believe" you are good at"? Most times pretty well. Now consider this, "How to things turn out that you don't believe you are good at"? Most times not very well at all. The key then we can see is belief. Belief is that essential human psychological element that is the fork in the road between success and failure. It is critical to understand that when we are born, we have a perfect belief system. The evidence is in every child and their incredible persistence to keep doing something over and over and over again until they have achieved it. The proof is our ability to walk and talk. Tie our shoes and to read and write. Children are the forgotten professors of life. While driving to Ottawa yesterday I had the chance to listen to a number of speakers from TED. One speaker from England was discussing how our education system is designed to crush creativity in our kids. He told the story of a little girl in art class. The teacher came to her and asked, "What are you painting a picture of Jannie?" The little girl proudly announced, "I'm painting a picture of God". The teacher replied, "How are you doing to do that Jannie, no one has ever seen what God looks like". Jannie looked up and smiled and said, "They will in a minute". That's where we must all go then if we are able to achieve what our children do every day. Push out the doubts. Go back to being a child. Know this. When you believe anything is possible. Have an excellent day.
Taylormade Leadership

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