When was the last time you?

When was the last time you ????? Time marches on unless you claim it. "Stuff" has a way of, well, getting in the way. We all have a long list of things we love to do and people we love to see and places we love to go. We have that experience from time to time when we realize that one of those things we really enjoy somehow slipped off the conveyor belt of life. I think one of the primary reasons is that life begins to run us rather than the other way around. Days melt into weeks and months into years. Before we know it we can lose touch of a good many of those things that truly matter. They don't have to make the top 5 to begin to affect the quality of life. I had one of those realizations a few days ago. My father-in-law was over and we were talking about food and favorite restaurants. A thought came to mind and I asked, "Do you like Chinese food"? Love it he said. The thought that came to mind came out of my mouth. "You know, I bet I haven't been for out Chinese food for almost 10 years. Wanna go?" And so we are. Tonight as a matter of fact. He has us booked into a great authentic restaurant in Chinatown. I can't wait. But I did. Thinking about this it made me wonder just how this happens. How is it that I could go 10 years without enjoying something that I like so much? "Stuff got in the way" I guess. There is a great lesson here. While it may not alter the course of civilization or my legacy here I've been missing out. Pay attention to those little things in life that matter. Here's why. They matter! Take a moment then and consider this question. When was the last time you ??????? Have an excellent day.
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