What Would You Do With $55 Million?

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A great amount of people love to play the lottery game. The ads I heard over the weekend pegged the prize at something in the area of $55 million. There is great truth and personal philosophy involved in the winning of a lottery.  
The mere thought of winning allows us to see for ourselves what we would do if we were to win. Designing our lives and connecting to our passion is much the same process. Here is what winning the lottery does. It removes all the obstacles, first and foremost the psychological ones. Think about how clearly your life would unfold before your eyes if I were to hand you the winning ticket. The places you would go. The home you would live in. The people you would help and most importantly what you would choose to do with your time. Would you paint or sing, fish or write, travel or read, spend time with family or just spend time with yourself?  
This is a great lesson and you don't have to win the lottery to design your own life and discover your passion. Do this. Go inside and look for those same thoughts brought to life by this "roll of the dice pile of money". If you do this and truly connect to what matters in your life, the money will not matter. As a matter of fact, when most find their passion and direction in life, the money ends up showing up as a bi-product of a life lived on purpose. What would you do with $55 million? What if I told you that with what you have inside right now you already won? Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor

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