What We Take In

What We Take In
During seminars and coaching sessions I often ask clients if they allow their children to watch violent video games or movies. The resounding answer is "no, of course not". When pressed for their rationale, I normally hear back, "Because it will affect them in some way. It could affect their behavior". Sound reasoning and realistic logic. Amazing then considering this that we don't turn the same lens of the camera on ourselves. "Does what we take in have an affect on us?" It is almost as if we somehow believe we become a different species when we reach a certain height or start paying the mortgage.  
One day a few years ago it was funny but very telling what my son asked my wife. The question posed was "Mommy, why is it that life tastes better with KFC?" I know it's funny, but when you sit for a moment and digest what he asked, it is very telling just how powerful the images and messages we take in and how they can begin to form our view of the world. From a simple television commercial, Jonah was wondering if in fact life does taste better with KFC. It was difficult to sit down and explain to a four year old that high levels of sodium, trans fatty acids and saturated fats can lead to a myriad of health problems throughout life. He's not quite past the level of understanding that the stork on our front lawn did not deliver his baby sister.  
It is a well-known fact in advertising that it takes five impressions to allow for a message to begin to enter the sub-conscious mind. Guard well the repetitive entry of the wrong messages, lest you spend your days solving life's big problems with a bucket of extra crispy. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  
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