What is Really Possible?

I love to stand back and watch the reaction when I ask this question.  It is usually the first question I ask of all audiences I speak to.  I think it is one of the great questions of life and remarkably one almost no one takes the time to ask. As we spin about in a communication driven world, fuelled by the Internet and Facebook;  CNN and MySpace;  Instant messaging, text on the go and video conferencing, this one little question gets lost in the frantic pace of life.  I mean take a moment and really consider it.  Isn't finding the answer to this what life is supposed to be all about? My own struggle with this question early on in life came in fits and starts.  I have been asked many, many times if there was an event or a person or moment that created the impetus to go from where I was to where I am.  I finally realized after many years that for me, making it to normal was the greatest distance I will likely ever travel and the most enlightening.  Normal was having a job and a home and food on the table and the feeling that I belonged.  I finally belonged.  Once I realized that I could go from there to here,  the thought of the next goal or climbing the next hill appeared not only possible but likely. It is astounding to think that the vast majority of our fellow human beings will go through 60,70,80, 90 years or more and never stop long enough to really ask this question.  Not just, "Can I make more money or have a bigger car or the corner office, but all of it."  Perspectives - Where you are now has nothing to do with where you can go by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (Social)You have read this far, so now I want you to be in the minority.  For some reason that you and I may never know, you have been brought to this place where you are being faced with the question.   Ask it.  Ask it now.  Ask it tonight.  Ask it tomorrow and keep asking every day until you get the answer. "What is really possible for you?"  I expect the answer is more than you could have ever imagined.  Have an excellent day. Randy Taylor
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