What If You Had This?

Confidence that is. I had the chance to attend a presentation on financial planning by one of the top in the field. The speaker was fascinating and along with a number of interesting points I took away, the most lasting impression was just him. His presence. His command of the room. Here is what was at the root of all of this and I believe the most powerful attribute he brings to a room or a conversation. Confidence. Complete and total confidence. Experiencing it first hand was remarkable to witness. The ideas he brought forth, the information he shared, the products and services he represents. I am certain most in the room were buying what he was selling. There is something however that is critical to know and that is that there is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance. Arrogance is boastful where confidence is self-assured. Arrogance is proposing a higher worth where confidence offers value with assurance. Confidence also offers something that avoids description really. There is an unseen force that accompanies confidence. It is the same force that causes a dog to attack when it smells fear and backs down at courage. Confidence has an energy about it that attracts those to it like flies to a bright light on a hot summer evening. Confidence has the ability to affect more in life than you could know or believe. It is also single handedly responsible for shutting off the voice in our heads that is the greatest nemesis to success. In short confidence convinces those around you of your worth, sincerity and ability. It also convinces the liar in your head before it utters a word that it is wrong and to be silent. The combination of these two can truly make you unstoppable. Be confident then in your job. Be confident then in your parenting. Be confident then of all that you offer the world. When you were born there had never been another like you. When you make the next journey beyond this there never will be again. Of that I am totally, absolutely, 100% without equivocation confident. Take a moment then and ask this question. "Confidence. What if I had it?" Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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