We Should All Say Thank You

The majority of what we are challenged by each and every day is thought. Thought is responsible for our system of belief or doubt. Belief gives us strength and energy to invest in the activity that moves us forward. Doubt pushes us to quit. To give up.  To cease doing what we know inside is necessary to move us forward. One of the messages we often hear relates to whether or not we are deserving of the fruits of our labor. Through a punitive tax system, the voice of special interest and a public perception that those who earn above average incomes somehow are not deserving and do not pay their fair share in tax drives home a point that being successful is somehow wrong.  Back in the days of radio I did a show on this very topic.  I asked people who earned over $150,000. a year to call in and talk about what it took to climb to that level and to tell the listening audience how much they paid in taxes. We Should All Say Thank You Remember, the taxes were income taxes and did not factor in 13% of HST on disposable income spent. The stories of self-funded education, the risk of self-employment and the gruelling hours it took to reach this level were remarkable. I believe we have it all wrong. We should not cast aspersions at those who succeed by rather recognize them and be grateful. Here is an easy mathematical equation that proves it out. Based on an average income of $40,000. the average Canadian will pay about $6300. in income tax. On an income of $200,000. the tax burden explodes to just over $73,000. Here's what this means for you and I and everyone in this country. The person earning $200,000. will fund more than 10 times the average Canadian in tax support for schools and health-care, education and defense, garbage pick up, police and everything we benefit from through government programs.  If what we achieve and what we earn is at the service of others we are deserving of what comes of it. Success comes from ingenuity and hard work and perseverance and risk. From all of that we all benefit as a nation. Know this.  If you should be so fortunate to achieve such a level of success you are to be applauded and supported. With all you will provide we should all say thank you. Have an excellent day.

Be well,

Randy Taylor


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