We Believe That Not All Choices...

We believe that not all choices......are created equal. Here is an interesting fact to consider. Human beings are the only species on this entire earth that has the capacity to limit our potential. You can't ask a tree to grow to half of its size. You can't ask an ant to limit its activity in search of food and shelter. Because of the genetic code they know no other way. We humans are the only species capable of limiting our potential and here is why. We are given choice. We can choose to grow or we can choose not to grow. It is choice then that makes us separate and unique and distinct. I had an interesting realization this morning while waiting in line at for my coffee. Once in a while I will get a donut to go along with it. This was not one of those days but as I stood in line I was amazed at just how many choices there are behind the counter. Every donut of every shape. More cookies than I could count not to mention the specialty deserts and treats. If I had wanted a donut today I could have easily chosen. Out of all the selections my choice would be very, very easy. Boston cream of course. Then I began to ponder this choice pared against so many others in life. Some are easy and some are hard. Some take great courage and strength to make. Others just a simple sugar craving will do. I began to think about the so called difficult decisions in life and began to realize all decisions are easy on the surface. What makes them hard is our perception of what the world will think of our choice. That's where the pressure comes in and I believe where a good many of the wrong decisions are made for the wrong reasons. Not wrong by any other standard than our own. That's the point I guess. If we actually gave ourselves permission to make all decisions in life with little regard for what those in the cheap seats thought, I'm certain it would be more relaxing and we no doubt we make more of the right ones. "O.K., so let me see. I'll take two Boston cream donuts and that dream over there". You know, come to think of it, all choices can be created equal. Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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