The World's Greatest Untapped Resource
The wildly fluctuating prices of energy and talk of problems relative to dependence have created great discussions over what should be done.  Should the focus be on developing alternative fuels, should we, as Sarah Pailin put it, "Drill baby, drill", look at cutting back or prepare for the ultimate Armageddon when the flame will go out and we will simply sit staring in disbelief as we freeze in the dark?  When it comes to available energy, here is where I think we are missing out.  By not tapping into the greatest resource we have ever had.  That is our collective ability to give birth to ideas as a collective that on our own could never be possible.  
Case in point.  I am working on developing a new seminar concept and have invested several weeks into its development.  In the past 48 hours this idea has surged further and faster than I could have imagined because I did this.  I asked.  I asked for input.  I asked for ideas.  I asked for criticism and feedback and for others to look under rocks I didn't even know were there.  It is what I call our Brain Trust.  There is something truly remarkable when two brains are brought together to solve one problem or create something that was thin air moments before.  
The ability to utilize the Brain Trust within our reach is the new age of true leadership.  The adage told to leaders if that "we pay you this much so you must be the one with the answers" has long passed its best before code date.  Before you think that leadership does not apply to you because you are not in a management position, think again.  Leadership comes in all sizes and shapes and colors.  Leadership of family.  Leadership of children.  Leadership of department.  Of team. Of community.  Leadership of self.  Going it alone is one way.  Tapping into the brain trust of others is not only smart, but its an energy source we will never run out of.  Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  
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