The Unlikely Equation

In the business world we are often taught to put any anticipated step under consideration through R.O.I. or return on investment. "Is this worth doing and will the return justify the investment?" is the question pondered millions of times every day. Technology is one of those aspects of our lives that begs this equation. No question it can transfer incredible amounts of information or documents or services around the world in seconds. Imagine how long it would take you to inform a client base of a thousand or more what you have to offer without the benefit of a newsletter and the internet? While technology has greatly impacted productivity it has also created the added pressure we all feel as it creeps into all corners of our lives. We call and tweet, poke and post, text and video conference and fax and more, all the while attempting to live this thing called life.  While combing over some research I came across those who knew how challenging this would all be for us over a hundred and fifty years ago. English economist William Stanley Jevons discovered that technological improvements that increased the efficiency of coal-use led to the increased consumption of coal in a wide range of industries. He argued that, contrary to common intuition, technological improvements could not be relied upon to reduce consumption.  The Power to Change from Within by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (social)This research led to what it is referred to as The Jevons Paradox.  It occurs he said when the effect from increased demand predominates, causing an increase in overall resource use.  When it comes to individual use of technology guess what the resource being used is?  You got it. You. You are the resource. There is only one of you and if you allow technology to continue to place increased demand on the resource, you will run out of time and energy and drive. "All tweeting and no living makes Jack a dull boy". Take a minute and ask the question. Are you in charge of your life or is all this technology?  If you want to see just how good it feels, the next time your phone rings or your Blackberry alerts you of a new message with a light massage of your thigh don't answer it. Don't even look.  Take just a moment and remind yourself who is in charge. If you don't you will be yet another who falls prey to the unlikely equation. Have an excellent day.

Be well,

Randy Taylor


Taylormade Leadership

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