The Truth Is You Likely Don't Know

Often times the information we take in greatly affects our belief.  We begin to form opinions based on what we take in which leads to an assumption.  This assumption then affects decisions which amount to little more than a guess.  The outcome of action taken based on an assumption is often not the best.  The reason being we are basing our thoughts and actions on assumptions rather than facts. "The girl never called me back because she would never be seen dead with me".  "The doctor is not calling with my test results because they are bad".  "The client is not returning my calls because they are blowing me off". Take a moment and consider your own mindset and some of the assumptions you yourself have made based on what you believe was happening.  Earlier today I found out how wrong my own assumptions could be.  I had being trying to contact a client and was not getting answers.  My assumptions of course were wrong.  Completely wrong.  I received an e-mail apologizing for the delay and informing me that he would be away for a while traveling to his homeland to bury his father.  Any noise inside my head went silent and you could have heard a pin drop.  I sat reading the words and feeling nothing but empathy for such a difficult situation.  I of course had no way of knowing the reason for the delay and I Perspectives - The Power of Why by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (Social)guess that's the point.  It's not possible and yet all of us everyday make assumptions on what we believe to be the case.  I learned a very valuable lesson today and I hope we can all learn from it.  We don't have a crystal ball.  None of us are psychic.  The only time we can make a decision based on the facts is when we have the facts.  Here is what I learned.  The truth is we likely don't know.  Have an excellent day. Be well, Randy Taylor
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