"The silence of winning".

Thought drives everything. Thought is created by experience. We experience what we are exposed to. That's the general rule to the order of life. The truth we must all accept is that if we don't make an effort to guard what we take in we will end up damaged or controlled by it in some way. One of the great serpents lurking in our everyday lives is the media. The past few days provided another perfect example of why you should shut it off. I have told audiences for years that it's not the news. It's a collection if train wrecks and tragedy. The drop in the markets over the past week had every media outlet frothing at the mouth and shouting from every antenna. “The sky is falling. The sky is falling. No really, the sky is falling”!!! What I want you to become aware of was how loud the media was shouting when the markets fell and how quiet they got when they bounced back today. If they were to stabilize in the coming days and weeks about the only thing you will hear will be the pundits warning of the potential of the next wave of disaster. Know this. When you take in negative information it will impact you in a negative way. Pretty much the only noise coming from the media is negative. Keep in mind that the media prescribes to one philosophy. The silence of winning. Have an excellent day.
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