The Power Of Can

The Power Of Can "What the mind can conceive we can achieve" Those words were penned by the great philosopher Napoleon Hill back in the 1930's.  Amazing how great words can stand the test of time.  We all know of this.  We all have heard it yet we all still doubt and question it on a regular basis.  The greatest single tool any of us has at our disposal is our mind and the power of belief.  If we "believe" there is nothing that can stop us from having or becoming or going anywhere.  The counter position of strength of our mind is what potentially can happen to its power and how it can become poisoned and subverted.  I had one of the great experiences of my life a few years ago. Just 8 days after I had a full ACL reconstruction on my knee. Those who have been through it can attest to the crushing pain in the days that follow.  Given that I had small children and a business to run I more than did my homework on how long I would be compromised.  Every doctor I spoke to and every website I researched set the time on crutches at between 4-6 weeks.  Being on crutches meant that I couldn't pick up my 2 year old little girl or carry anything for that matter.  It is quite limiting.  On my first trip to rehab I walked in on crutches and was brought over to a gurney.  As I set my crutches aside the clinic manager came over, introduced himself and said, "What are the crutches for"?  I smiled and told him I had surgery 8 days ago.  "You don't need those" he said.  "You will walk out of here without them". At first I was shocked that he would have such a cavalier attitude and disregard for the pain I had been in.  He kept talking and re-assuring me that my leg was strong enough and that the longer I was on crutches the longer my rehab would be.  Finally, I built up enough courage and he said, "C'mon, just try it. Stand up and see how it feels".  I did and it felt fine.  "Now walk.  Look at me and walk towards me".  and I did.  I walked across the room and back at which time a number of patients and therapists broke into spontaneous applause.  "Wow, do I have something to write for today's perspectives" I thought.  What a fascinating lesson I learned.  The crutches of doubt we all carry with us throughout life are not real.  Belief and faith and a clear acceptance of "can" are the greatest tools we have to slay the dragon of doubt.  Know this.  All that you have yet to accomplish is waiting to be had by simply peeling back the curtain of doubt.  From this moment forward believe in yourself and in the power of can. Have an excellent day. Be well, Randy Taylor CalltoAction_TwoBooks
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