The Metamorphosis Of A Thought

The ThoughtI speak often of a question I found as a young man that changed everything for me.  "What if where I am now has nothing to do with where I can go"?  It didn't and this process, more than anything, is what fascinates me.  Movement from where we are to where we want to be however requires more than just thought.  It is the combination of thought and action that creates it all.  Thought on its own has left the roadsides of the world littered with the broken dreams of those deserving of so much more.  We were talking and recalling a road trip we took our kids on to the butterfly conservatory in Niagara Falls, stopping on the way to let the ride the oldest merry go round in the world in Port Dalhousie.  They still charge just 5 cents for a ride.  Anyway, at the butterfly exhibit we had the best time.  Our son has been there a few times but it was a first for our daughter.  Thousands of the most amazing butterflies fly freely among you while walking through what looks and feels like a tropical rain forest.  The colours and beauty would make Michelangelo weep.  On our way out we stopped at a display that was filled with the caterpillars of one of the most colourful butterflies we had just seen inside. The caterpillars were these ugly little worms, covered in hair and moving clumsily along the branches of the plants inside the display.  If not for the sign on the glass explaining what they would become it would be impossible to believe it to be true.  How could something that looked like this transform into something so amazing and beautiful?  I was struck by how much their journey is like our own.  We all start out with this fledgling little thought that looks like nothing and which the world gives little hope to.  If not for the commitment to do what is required to transform it into substance it will soon wither up and look like a hairy little worm on a branch.  Do this then.  When a thought comes to you wrapped in inspiration do all that you can to protect it and nurture it and bring it to life.  After all, our dreams are the product of the metamorphosis of a thought.  Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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