The magic has always been inside

"The magic has always been inside". "Where will I find it"? is the misguided question asked over and over again millions of time a day throughout the world. Belief is everything and if we are looking for what we need "out there" rather than "in here". As Emerson once said, "what lies before us or behind us is nothing compared to what lies inside of us". This truly must be maintained as one of the guiding principles of life. I was delighted to run into an old friend over the weekend at an event I was asked to emcee. It was a fundraiser for the new hospital being built in my old hometown of St. Catharines. The event was held on a beautiful estate with amazing food and entertainment. Part of which came compliments of my old friend Dan. You see Dan worked with me about 12 years ago as the producer of my morning show. He was always very sharp. Very bright and very "out there". During the time we worked together he also owned a tattoo parlor. After his days in radio he started to wonder what was next and what his calling was. Following treatment with hypnosis for a sleep problem he felt so changed that he himself became certified as a hypnotherapist. Always the entertainer he decided to couple this with a desire to learn magic. He mastered his craft so well that he now performs 2 shows a day at the casino in Niagara, was a winning contestant on Dragons Den last year and was recently chosen as a top 10 magician out of an international field of 4,200. At the event over the weekend he was held suspended upside down from a helicopter 500 feet in the air and escaped from a straight jacket just in time before the harness released. Here's what I was made to see so clearly. He had it all along. It was there when we worked together 12 years ago. It was always there. It is for all of us you know. You don't have to go looking anywhere but where it is. The magic has always been inside. Have an excellent day.
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