The Difference Between Wanting And Having

We all have hopes.  We all have dreams. We all want for more.  Wanting and having are two very different things.  Consider that all that you desire is behind the red door. All the treasures and life experiences and happiness possible is there.  You know it.  We all know it.  Some actually have an abundance of it. All you need do to have it is to defeat the gatekeeper that guards the treasure on the other side.  You should know that this gatekeeper has no substance.  No presence.  It has no claws or gnashing teeth.  It cannot move men or mountains or anything.  The truth is that the gatekeeper has no physical form at all.  No real way of stopping you.  No weapons with which to keep you from simply opening the door, going inside and taking whatever you wish.  The gatekeeper is nothing more than a thought. A ghost in the machine simply offering up all the reasons why you can't go through the door.  Fascinating to think that is all the gatekeeper is.  Perspectives - The Power of Why by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (Social)All you need do to defeat it is to do this.  Not listen!  To set aside these lies that are whispered in your ear of why this or that is not possible.  Once shut out you are free then to engage in the activity to have anything you want.  This process summed up in just one word is "doing".  Here's what I suggest.      Get "doing" what it takes to find more clients.  Get "doing" the right things and spend more time with your kids.  Get "doing" the push-ups and get "doing" the vegetables so that you may have the prize of health behind the red door.  Here's what all this means I guess.  The difference between wanting and having is doing.  Have an excellent day.

 Be well,

Randy Taylor

Taylormade Leadership

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