The Days We Get Paid For

The days we get paid for
Here is an absolute in life. The road is never flat. Often what stops us from winning or succeeding are the bumps along the way. The obstacles, roadblocks, detours and just downright challenges that give us pause to ask, "Can I really get over or around or through this and keep going?" If the answer is "I don't think so" then you are all but beat. Truth is that most times the obstacles which are challenging us can be overcome and are simply put there to test our mettle and level of deserve in this world. I had one and actually it continued to be one of those days. Driving to a session last week I felt a migraine headache coming on. I'm one of those people who make a great barometer for weather change. When there are wild swings in barometric pressure it normally triggers a migraine. I had no pain pills with me and didn't have time to pick some up before the session. Here is what else I know. Talking for an hour and a half during a presentation does not make it better. Finally after leaving I was able to pick up some pills but today was one of those days when they just had no effect. I carried the headache with me through an important lunch meeting, 3 phone meetings, a private coaching session and arrangements with a facility for a local seminar. It kept me company through dinner, playing with the kids, getting them ready for bed and beyond. Here is what I heard from the voice in my head all day, "Go on home. You can't function like this. You can re-schedule your appointments. They will understand". Convincing voice right? You can imagine how convincing it was all day with this headache sticking a knife between my eyes. After putting the kids to bed I heard the voice. "You can write the perspectives and send it out tomorrow. I know you have told everyone that it will be in their inbox each and every day but I'm sure they will understand". While mulling this over I thought about a close friend who lost his dad last week. People have been coming and going there over the past few days. After a long fight he lost his fight with cancer. It instantly put my migraine into perspective. It was just an obstacle, a roadblock, a challenge like so many other that test our resolve. After thinking about the contrast it made me know it was the right decision not to give in to the voice. We don't only get paid for the days when the sun and all the world shines on us all day. What we get paid for are days like these. I guess what this means is that the road is almost never flat. Have an excellent day.  
Be well,  
Randy Taylor  
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