The 95 Factor Of Life

The 95 Factor Of Life "Who can I become and what can I create and what footprints in the sand can I leave behind"? Questions we all have and all ponder more often than we admit to the world. The answer is so much more than you realize. The question really for us all is what are we doing with what we have been given? Most of what happens in our lives is under our control. The choices we make. The path we choose. The decisions to grow or stand still. I came across a stark example in a book I am reading of just how much we really are in control of our lives. It stated that less than 5% of diseases today stem from genetics or single-gene disorders like Huntington's Chorea or Tay-Sachs disease). 95% of all diseases are related to lifestyle choices, chronic stress and toxic factors in our environment. 95% of all diseases are within our control and yet we feel paralyzed as to how we can overcome them. Growth and success and life mirror this same statistic. Jim Rohn once said, "What happens, happens to us all. It's what we do with what happens that determines the people we become". Sure there are a few things that are out of our control. The economy takes a temporary turn. The client decides to move to Brisbane. The neighbor's 5-year-old digs up your flowerbed so he can see the roots. Sometimes the mysteries of life crop up and here's what they are. The mysteries. They are the 5% outside of our control. Isn't it funny how much of our time and energy we focus on that 5% and negate the great power of change we have over the 95%. Here's what this all means I guess. We do have control. We do have choice. We can become and create and go anywhere our imagination can take us. The secret to life is to do this. Adopt the 95 factor of life. Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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