Thank The Rain For The Rainbow

Thank The RainThere are so many great quotes that put into perspective the yin and yang of life.  "You get what you pay for.  Nothing is for free.  Aspiration without perspiration is a recipe for delusion",  and on they go.  These are not just simple quotes but absolutes of life.  It takes effort to move anything.  Create anything.  Change anything.  Win at anything.  This effort most often involves challenges and obstacles that we may not foresee when at first we head out the door.  Funny really but most view challenges and setbacks as a negative.  The truth of the matter is that without the bumps and roadblocks of life, we would never push ourselves to grow and to look "over there".  The looking "over there" in almost every case is brought on as a result of a challenge. I can look back over my own life and recall the despair of losing a parent to alcohol and living on the streets and being alone, but now from the vantage point of today I can clearly see what it all brought.  All that I have.  I was leafing through some photographs at home and came across a series of shots I took out of our front door one day of a fabulous rainbow. It made me think of what it was that brought the rainbow in the first place.  It was a storm.  It was rain.  It was nature's own challenge blocking out the sun itself for a time and drenching everything in sight.  The byproduct it was easy to see was the beauty of the rainbow.  Know that life will always follow this path.  There will always be storms.  There will always be days when your sun gets blocked out but in the end if you keep going and you keep looking up you too will thank the rain for the rainbow. Have an excellent day.   Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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