Step out for your break time

Step out for your break time. One of the aspect of business life that I see people challenged by over and over again is the roller coaster of life. It is one of the great frustrations especially for those who are self-employed or who live in a commission based world. Here is the scenario. The individual has no new clients and no new business so they panic and work like crazy lining up appointments and as they call it "fill the hopper" with new potential business. Then as the appointments begin and business picks up all focus goes on closing business and seeing clients. Then, not too far down the track they notice that they have run out of new clients to see, the hopper is empty and once again they go into panic mode and work and work and work to line up new clients once again. This process is exhausting. Trying to cram too much of anything into any container, (an hour, a day or a week) is bound to leave you burnt out and unplugged. I had lunch with a good client today and it was his son who shone the light on what to do. He had put in a long day at his home office and was sitting at his desk, head in hands when his five year old boy walked up. "Working hard daddy?" came the question. "Yeah, I guess I am buddy" said the dad. "Yeah, I see you work a lot daddy. I don't work as much as you but you should do what I do. When I do some stuff then I take a break". It's a good thing his consulting fees are still measured in cookies because that is fine advice. Good for kids and good for us all. No matter what you are doing if you want to get off of the roller coaster make your day and activities measured. Here is the formula from a five year old. Do good work and then step out for your break time. Have an excellent day.
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