Spring Cleaning is Not Just for the Spring

All the things you don't need in life have a way of just piling up.  With life moving at, well, the speed of life there are things about ourselves and our hopes and goals and dreams that can get out of control and be easily missed if we don't look inside from time to time.  I had a great chance to see this after getting back from a trip over the weekend.  While putting things away I we started going through closets and drawers.  We think of ourselves as those people who keep on top of things but after 2 boxes and 3 garbage bags full that will head off to be donated it became apparent just how much had collected and was taking up space for no good reason.  Life can so easily get like this.  The bad habits we allow to pile up.  The lists of lost promises that end up under the old hats and gloves.  The belief's that gather dust and lose their shine and fuel.  Here is what all of this means I guess.  We need Perspectives - The Power to Change from Within by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (Social)to open the doors from time to time and take stock.  See what's in there.  What needs to be kept and made use of.  What needs to be thrown out and what needs to perhaps be shared with others.  Know this.  Spring cleaning is not just for the spring.  Have an excellent day. Be well, Randy Taylor
Taylormade Leadership

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