Sometimes you gotta skin your knee

Sometimes you gotta skin your knee. There are no straight lines in life. It's the curves I expect that make life interesting. If not for the curves we would all just walk in single file and arrive where we set out to be right on time. If you are going through a challenge right now you likely don't want to hear the platitudes like "it will make you stronger and we all have to go through it or failure is the great creator of success". As Jim Rohn said, "Until you get you own planet you don't get to figure all this stuff out". No question we will all face adversity. It was the adversity of where I came from that pushed me to be where I am now. I expect without the darkness I would not have so desperately craved the light. The great Chinese proverb speaks of the journey for us all and what it takes to finally end up where we deserve to be. "Fall down seven times, get up eight". It's the getting up that separates the dreamers from the doers. I saw this happen on my street tonight. We were walking my son's friend home after a play date and on the way back I was strolling along talking to a neighbor as my son rode his scooter and my daughter kicked a ball along. (she's 2) Just before my driveway she raced off to catch the ball rolling out in front and lost her footing, ending up face down and skinning both knees. When I scooped her up, one knee was dripping with blood. (I never liked that t-shirt anyways). 10 minutes, 4 bandages and a cup full of tears later and she was on the mend. "All better. Thank you daddy" she said, signaling the worst was over. It broke my heart to see her go through this but I know this was one of those "teachable" moments. The saying "this too shall pass" sprung to mind. These words have been credited over the centuries to King Solomon, Buddha, Lincoln and many more. It's true you know. Whatever you are going through or may go through will pass. Here's what I learned tonight. Sometimes you gotta skin your knee. Have an excellent day.
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