Set the Goal to Hide the Wires

If we are lucky. Really lucky, we get to do those things in life that our heart beats for. It's different for us all. Some may find passion in nature. Others in capturing an image in a picture, or on a canvas or in the creation of a relationship that provides for mutual benefit. Regardless of what it is we do "for a living" the world rewards those whose skills go from good to better then best. Think back to when you started anything. Even those things you may have had a natural aptitude for. We just weren't that good. It's practice and repetition that improves our skill and craft. In the early going a painter often misses the lines. A guitar player misses the chords. A salesperson misses the opportunity. If we continue on a remarkable thing happens. We get better. As we do those aspects of our game begin to become less noticeable. They eventually fade out of sight until it appears what we are doing naturally. Early today I finally got around to one of those household chores. We have the little Apple TV box on the mantle and it had remained hooked up for the past two months with the wires showing. My drill and I made short work of the wires and they disappeared from sight. Now it looks remarkable that a 4" square black box sitting on the mantle could Perspectives - The Power to Change from Within by Randy Taylor of Taylormade Leadership @TheWinnerWithin (Social)actually deliver all that it does into our living room. Life is like that. I thought back to the first seminar I gave some seven years ago. I can say now reflecting back that there were wires sticking out everywhere. It's taken a good deal of work and sweat capital to hide them from view. It's a good way of looking at your craft and skill and potential. Do this. Set the goal to hide the wires. Have an excellent day. Randy Taylor
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