Resolutions - The Word That Makes Them Last

I realize I'm asking you to read a full length article on the last day of the year, but if you want things to change.  I mean really change, then please take the time to read this.  I want to be very honest and up front from the start.  Words themselves do not create anything.  Words that cause us to take action do.  I'll get to the most powerful word shortly. Having studied the science of human behaviour for the past 35 years and worked professionally for the past 12 years as an expert in human potential I can tell you without question that the greatest challenge you or I or anyone will ever face is the voice of doubt in our head that says we can't.  It is the constant sub-vocalization that we hear all day, "Will the client call? Will the economy turn around? Am I educated enough?  Experienced enough? Tall enough? Good looking enough"?   This by the way is not a voice we were born with.  It is a voice that is created over time by thousands of experiences and impressions.  It is the recall of information stored in the subconscious mind from past experience that impacts our decision in the moment which determines our results.     The first step in improving our results is to know that we don't have to change what's 'out there'.  We need to change what's 'in here'.  Our results are merely a result of our actions.  Our actions are a result of past programming.  In order for it to change, we have to change our programming that will come about through observation, realization and intentional action.     In light of this there are two forces at work impacting what we can and can't have or become.  The first being the force of destructive thought itself.  Second, the ability to push through and overcome it.  We all have thoughts.  We all have goals.  We all get inspired, yet the one thing that separates those who enjoy great success from those who struggle is how they respond when faced with challenge or the recall of past negative experience.   That one magical, powerful, necessary, elusive and life changing word is this.  COMMITMENT.  When you truly begin to embody this word in your approach to life and goals everything will change.     I have been speaking a great deal lately at conferences and to clients about this word and my own personal revelation a number of months ago. While working on a presentation something triggered my own thoughts of past goals I had and never attained.   I grew up on the streets at 14 years old so I've had more than my share of failures along the way.  Likely enough to fill a stadium.  In looking back it was easy to see why I was justified to let go.  It was my youth (at the time), lack of education, the economy, a bad boss, bad marriage or an unreasonable partner.  The list goes on and on.  In the moment I felt totally justified in my reasoning for stopping and giving up on this or that goal. The truth was not an easy pill to swallow.  I finally had to admit the reason I didn't achieve any of those goals came down to only one thing.  It was ME.  I was the one who stopped.  I was the one who justified giving up.  I was the one who quit.  Did it get hard?  For sure. Did I feel against the wall sometimes?  Of course.  However, if I had kept going and persevered would I have won the day?  Sadly yes.  What I have had to do then was to look in the mirror and accept the hard truth.  The reason I lost out on all of those goals in my past was that I was a quitter.  Swallowing that word tasted very bitter but you know what?  I now have finally made peace and accepted responsibility.  This acceptance and realization has led to a new resolve that I know changes everything.  "From this day forward I don't want to be a quitter no more".         Now, lets examine honesty 2.0.  This is not something as simple as using the word commitment.  Change will come from a resolve deep within yourself on how you use the word in your approach to challenge and adversity in the future.  Here is my definition of commitment.  "Commitment is the continuation of an activity in the apparent absence of results".   In effect, "I did it and I don't see it".  Well here's the answer. Do it again.     There is a critical error so many of us make when approaching a goal.  We say "I'm going to TRY this".  The impact of the variance of self-talk to the potential outcome is enormous.  When we say we will try something, what we are in effect saying is that we have agreed to do this for a while and then be able to stop when we have sufficient reasons why it does not appear to be working.  To 'DO' says we are making the commitment to see it through to the end, regardless of challenges or pitfalls that appear along the way.     Again, our approach to the word commitment can have exactly the same impact as try and do.  There are three ways to approach the word.   Saying 'I hope' I will remain committed is not a strategy.  It's akin to using lottery tickets as a strategy for retirement planning. The second approach is saying "I choose success".  The negative thoughts in the sub-conscious mind will have a heyday with this, providing all the reason why this choice is flawed.  The last and only truly effective approach is this.  Saying "I commit to success".  What you are saying is that regardless of the challenges you may face or the negative thoughts that may push you to stop you will soldier on.  This resolve is what has created so much success throughout history.  Success does not come only to the fortunate.  Success throughout history has come to the committed. After failing in eight election campaigns Abraham Lincoln went on the win his 9th and became president of the United States.  After being cut from his high school basketball team Michael Jordan locked himself in his room and cried.  He then came back, committed to working harder and pushed through.  In choosing the path to success know that it won't be easier for you but that you will achieve what most don't because of your commitment.     In the final analogy who we become in life comes down to choice.  Will you be the person who makes the decision that you can't be stopped?  When opportunity knocks will you be the one who takes action and sees it though or will you let it go?  As you read these final words my hope is that you don't let this slip away.  Take a moment and own this.  Not just for the moment but for the rest of your life. Make this statement your own.  "I am committed to my success.  I will not be a quitter no more".    Be well,   Randy Taylor   Buy The Books!
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